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Artist's Statement

As a composer, drummer, percussionist, conductor, synth-player, and educator, I pursue a wide range of disciplines not only to fulfill my own musical ambitions, but to help bridge communities between my colleagues, collaborators, mentors, and students. The importance of musical fluency and keeping my ears, eyes, mind, and heart open to new experiences was instilled in me from an early age. I have been lucky to travel far distances to engage with artists across cultures domestically and abroad. I believe our community succeeds when we come together, unified by a shared calling.


I believe that being immersed in non-pitched percussion in my formative years bears a strong influence on my musical identity. I create sound worlds that explore relationships between harmonicity/inharmonicity, pitch/timbre, and strict/non-strict rhythms. My music fuses the distinctive cultures surrounding contemporary music, electronic music, and the various styles associated with the drum set. This fusion becomes realized in the form of pieces that make use of audio technologies, including laptop performance and hybrid composing setups (analogue and digital), as well as improvisation and expanding notions of the traditional score. The resulting music is intended to be visceral and encompassing a wide expressive range.

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